Nick Yankovsky

Organising, managing and leading digital products


✔️ 8 years of experience mostly in AI-related products. I have a proven track record of success in developing strategies, organising effective E2E product cycles, and managing cross-functional teams.

🔥 I have a passion for exploring new business fields and believe that the most effective teams are made from people with different backgrounds. 

🧪 My recipe of creating great products:
Shared vision + Transparent process + Clear communication + Creative approach

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I work as a consultant in addition to my main job. I do it in the fields I believe I can be helpful the most.

Please, note that I can’t consult you if your company has any connection to an automotive business.

As a consultant I can:

  1. Organise and lead processes of team formation and development. Recruiting / assessing / restructuring. 
  2. Create company strategy and a transparent roadmap. Decompose it into goals and identify ways of achieving them. Define areas of responsibility and approach for result measurement.
  3. Organise experiments. Oh, I ❤️ them. I’ll be happy to help you with experiment design. I also can test your product / market fit and evaluate growth potential.
  4. Bring an experimental approach and a culture of continuous learning to your team. Be aware that it might require some actions from the first point.


Volkswagen Digital Solutions


October ’22 — now

Sr. Product Manager

Software Development Center

• Improving company’s way of working with Strategic Goals & OKRs
• Leading redesign of onboarding process
• Doing PM stuff with yet another try to win over Excel (BI Tool for Dealerships)

Gett Delivery


August ’21 — May ’22

Sr. Product Manager Internal Products Lead

Core Services: aggregation, matching, routing, pricing.
BizOps: instruments for CC, Finance, Sales.

Key results

• Led and managed 2 teams (Algo Services & BizOps Platform)
• Redesigned product development cycle with OKRs, RICE, HADI & CI/CD
As a result, t2m ↓2.5x and 100% adoption of new features was achieved
• Expanded pricing capabilities, improved logic & UI resulting in ↑20% revenue



May ’18 — August ’21

Product Owner — Data Labelling Service

Data preparation for further usage in ML.
200+ data labellers in 5 cities.

Key results

• Increased scalability and efficiency of AI products in the company by establishing an internal data labelling department with 200+ headcount
• Amount of internal clients 0→18 led to -80% spendings on 3rd party solution
• Reached 0 waiting time to start new task by building a fully automatic pipeline
• Created an automatic quality assessment system: data labellers velocity ↑40%
• Implemented equipment standards for new roles, result: -30% costs
• Redesigned people management process. Reduced “Time to Hire” by half and got people clear understanding of their career opportunities

Lead Product Manager — AI Customer Care

A department responsible for the way how our conversational assistants are working.
47 people in 3 product teams and 1 data labelling group.

Key results

• Established 3 product teams (Voice IVR, Chatbot, Virtual Assistant)
• Launched Voice UI in IVR (NLP+ASR+TTS+RTDM)
• IVR automatization 26→40%, CSI ↑30% (DAU > 500k)
• Launched Chatbot (NLP) on Web & Mobile platforms; 0→25% automatization in 6 months with DAU > 100k
• Co-wrote CookBook about Virtual Assistants UX design



August ’15 — May ’18

Product Manager COO

PaaS for traditional broadcasters that provides interaction with a customer and peoplemeter.

Key results

• Researched market and created business model
• Developed demo Web platform, iOs & Android spps, Mobile SDK, API.
• The company was sold to a large mediagroup.


Eran Birger

Head of Product

Although I had high expectations, Nick absolutely rose above them, becoming a leader in the Gett Delivery organization almost immediately. Nick has a talent of structuring complicated processes (both technological and operational) and identifying opportunities for improvement and growth. His strategic thinking and initiatives allowed him to quickly connect with senior management, and his great interpersonal skills made him loved by his peers. I hope I’ll get to work with Nick again in the future.

Slava Malyshev

Lead Data Engineer

I worked with Nick for two years in Sber. I was a Lead Data Engineer and Nick was a Product Owner in our team.
I like his style of managing a product and people. He organised processes in our team very well. Nick is always full of ideas. He cares not only for his team, but for the whole company. For example, he found a problem with employee churn in whole department(1k employees) and initiated a redesigning of HR process. Nick never stops learning and every time surprises me how much he knows in different areas. Besides being a good manager, he is also a good team player and T-shaped person.

Ksenia Kozlova

Product Manager

Nick is a true leader and really creative product manager!
I much appreciate his ability to involve all team members from different domains into solving business problems and rapidly find solutions in challenges.
Nick always gathering a strong team and organises processes in an efficient and engaging way. There are so many things to learn from Nick!